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Andar Commands

Learn andar Commands in the Imperative mood with our interactive chart and exercises. Understand andar’s role in everyday language, vital for conversational fluency in Spanish. Delve into Spanish conjugation. Advance your conjugation knowledge at our andar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to walk, to work (machines)

Verb Chart: Andar Commands




let’s walk


(Juana, Juan)

anda; no andes

walk; don’t walk


(informal Spain)

andad; no andéis

(you all) walk; (you all) don’t walk


(Sra./Dr. García)


(you) walk



(you all) walk

*Only Tú, and Vosotros change in the negative form. The other conjugations are the same in the negative.

Andar Commands Practice

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Andar Commands Sentence Examples

1.Tú: Anda con cuidado por la calle.
Walk carefully on the street.
2.Tú: No andes solo por zonas desconocidas de noche.
Don’t walk alone through unknown areas at night.
3.Ud.: Ande por la sombra para evitar el sol directo.
Walk in the shade to avoid direct sunlight.
4.Ud.: No ande demasiado rápido en superficies resbaladizas.
Don’t walk too fast on slippery surfaces.
5.Nosotros: Andemos juntos al parque.
Let’s walk together to the park.
6.Nosotros: No andemos por caminos peligrosos.
Let’s not walk on dangerous paths.
7.Vosotros: Andad con atención cuando crucéis la calle. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Walk with attention when you cross the street.
8.Vosotros: No andéis distraídos con el móvil. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Don’t walk distracted by the mobile phone.
9.Uds.: Anden en grupos pequeños durante la excursión.
Walk in small groups during the excursion.
10.Uds.: No anden separados para no perderse.
Don’t walk apart so as not to get lost.