Acostarse Present Tense

Uncover the world of “acostarse” and its nuances in Spanish! Our page offers an engaging approach to learning this reflexive verb in the present tense, complete with interactive tools and practical examples. Make “acostarse” a part of your everyday Spanish. For a comprehensive learning journey, visit Spanish conjugation. Master the acostarse conjugation with us.

Verb Meaning(s): to go to bed, to lie down

Verb Chart: Acostarse Present Tense


me acuesto

I go to bed
I do go to bed
I am going to bed


nos acostamos

we go to bed
we do go to bed
we are going to bed

(Juana, Juan)

te acuestas

you go to bed
you do go to bed
you are going to bed


(informal Spain)

os acostáis

you all go to bed
you all do go to bed
you all are going to bed


(Sra./Dr. García)

se acuesta

he/she/you go to bed
he/she/you do go to bed
he/she/you are going to bed


se acuestan

they/you all go to bed
they/you all do go to bed
they/you all are going to bed

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Acostarse Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo me acuesto a las 10 p.m.
I go to bed at 10 p.m.
2. ¿Tú te acuestas temprano?
Do you go to bed early?
3. Él se acuesta tarde los fines de semana.
He goes to bed late on weekends.
4. Nosotros nos acostamos después de mirar las noticias.
We go to bed after watching the news.
5. Vosotros os acostáis después de estudiar. (Used only in Spain)
You all go to bed after studying.
6. Ellas se acuestan a medianoche.
They go to bed at midnight.
7. Ustedes se acuestan temprano para levantarse con energía.
You all go to bed early to wake up energized.
8. ¿Se acuesta él con un libro siempre?
Does he always go to bed with a book?
9. ¿Acuesta ella después de cenar?
Does she go to bed after dinner?
10. Se acuestan escuchando música relajante.
They go to bed listening to relaxing music.