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Acostarse Imperfect Tense

Embark on a linguistic journey with the verb acostarse in the Imperfect Tense. Our page provides a unique learning experience with a detailed verb chart, engaging conjugation exercises, fun-filled games, and practical sentences showcasing acostarse in daily conversations. Uncover the nuances of the Spanish language and make learning enjoyable! Navigate your way to fluency with Spanish conjugation. Deepen your understanding by practicing the various forms of acostarse conjugation.

Verb Meaning(s): to go to bed, to lie down

Verb Chart: Acostarse Imperfect Tense


me acostaba

I went to bed (weekly)
I used to go to bed
I was going to be


nos acostábamos

we went to bed (on Thursdays)
we used to go to bed
we were going to be

(Juana, Juan)

te acostabas

you went to bed (daily)
you used to go to bed
you were going to be


(informal Spain)

os acostabais

you all went to bed (frequently)
you all used to go to bed
you all were going to be


(Sra./Dr. García)

se acostaba

he/she/you went to bed (sometimes)
he/she/you used to go to bed
he/she/you were going to be


se acostaban

they/you (all almost never) went to bed
they/you all used to go to bed
they/you all were going to be

Acostarse Imperfect Tense Practice

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Imperfect Tense

Acostarse Imperfect Sentence Examples

1. Yo me acostaba temprano los lunes.
I used to go to bed early on Mondays.
2. ¿Tú te acostabas después de las once?
Were you going to bed after eleven?
3. Él siempre se acostaba con su osito de peluche.
He always went to bed with his teddy bear.
4. Ella se acostaba tarde durante el verano.
She used to go to bed late during the summer.
5. Usted se acostaba muy tarde cuando era joven.
You used to go to bed very late when you were young.
6. Nosotros nos acostábamos después de ver las estrellas.
We used to go to bed after watching the stars.
7. ¿Vosotros os acostabais siempre a la misma hora?
Did you always go to bed at the same time? (used only in Spain)
8. Ellos se acostaban después de hacer la tarea.
They used to go to bed after doing their homework.
9. Ellas se acostaban temprano para levantarse con energía.
They went to bed early to wake up energized.
10. ¿Ustedes se acostaban sin cenar a veces?
Did you sometimes go to bed without having dinner?