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Acostarse Commands

Master acostarse Commands in the Imperative mood with our engaging resources. Learn its usage in everyday speech, highlighting its importance for daily communication. Check out Spanish verbs. Deepen your understanding at our acostarse conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to go to bed, to lie down

Verb Chart: Acostarse Commands



acostémonos; no nos acostemos

let’s lie down; let’s not lie down


(Juana, Juan)

acuéstate; no te acuestes

lie down; don’t lie down


(informal Spain)

acostaos; no os acostéis

(you all) lie down; (you all) don’t lie down


(Sra./Dr. García)

acuéstese; no se acueste

(you) lie down; (you) don’t lie down


acuéstense; no se acuesten

(you all) lie down; (you all) don’t lie down

*Only Tú, and Vosotros change in the negative form. The other conjugations are the same in the negative.

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Acostarse Commands Sentence Examples

1.Tú: Acuéstate temprano esta noche.
Go to bed early tonight.
2.Tú: No te acuestes tan tarde durante la semana.
Don’t go to bed so late during the week.
3.Ud.: Acuéstese a las diez para estar descansado.
Go to bed at ten to be rested.
4.Ud.: No se acueste sin antes leer un poco.
Don’t go to bed without reading a little first.
5.Nosotros: Acostémonos después de terminar la película.
Let’s go to bed after finishing the movie.
6.Nosotros: No nos acostemos sin planear el día siguiente.
Let’s not go to bed without planning the next day.
7.Vosotros: Acostaos temprano para el viaje de mañana. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Go to bed early for tomorrow’s trip.
8.Vosotros: No os acostéis sin hacer la tarea. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Don’t go to bed without doing the homework.
9.Uds.: Acuéstense a una hora razonable.
Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
10.Uds.: No se acuesten preocupados; hablaremos mañana.
Don’t go to bed worried; we’ll talk tomorrow.