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Spanish 1: Pronouns

Course Description Get Started Spanish pronouns are an optional part of the Spanish language, and may be used when referring to a subject in a sentence. For example, when saying “I am going to the store” one could use the pronoun yo, or simply say “voy al tienda”. Subject pronouns can be used to make …

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Spanish 5: Ser vs Estar

Ser vs Estar Mini-Course Description Start/Continue Ser and estar in spanish can be challenging to learn. It’s a very different concept from English or most other language where there’s only one way to say “to be” or “I am.” This mini course will walk you through when to use ser and when to use estar. …

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Complete Spanish Verb Course

Master All Spanish Verbs (or just some) Through this course, you can learn a few verb tenses in Spanish or master all major Spanish verb tenses! It uses brain science strategies to help you learn and retain Spanish verb conjugations. Created by: David S. Clark (M.A. in Language Pedagogy) Former Director of the U.S. Institute …

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