Section 1: Introduction (Optional)
Section 2: Basics of Spanish Verbs

2.2. Learn the most common 103 Spanish verb infinitives

In this lesson, you’ll encounter 103 essential Spanish verb infinitives that are fundamental to mastering the language. These verbs will reappear throughout the course, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with them. Take your time to understand and memorize each one.

Throughout the lesson, you’ll see “interleaved games,” which are designed to reinforce your learning by quizzing you on all the infinitives introduced up to that point. Each game will randomly select 12 verbs to test your knowledge.

Remember, a verb “infinitive” is an unconjugated verb, meaning it is in its “to” form. For example, “comer” means “to eat,” and “hablar” means “to speak.”