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Ser vs Estar Mini-Course Description


Ser and estar in spanish can be challenging to learn. It’s a very different concept from English or most other language where there’s only one way to say “to be” or “I am.” This mini course will walk you through when to use ser and when to use estar. There will be plenty of practice to help you master when to use each one.
As you’re going throught the mini course, remember that you can do each lesson, game or quiz as many times as you’d like until you’ve mastered ser and estar in Spanish. Remember, each course uses brain science strategies to help you learn better, faster, and remember what you’ve learned. 

Key Concepts

  • Ser with Permanent Attributes
  • Estar with Temporary Attributes
  • Ser with Professions

  • Look Young & Beautiful
  • Estar with Locations

Tips From Dave

Brain Science: Desirable Difficulty

The lessons start easy and  each lesson gradually gets more challenging which is a strategy that pushes information into your long-term memory. This is called a “Desirable Difficulty.”

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